3 Tips For An Easy Clean Kitchen

If there is any room in the house that should be cleaned on a regular basis, it's the kitchen. Not only does a clean kitchen look great, it can also help keep the people who live in the home healthy. What many people do not realize is that the kitchen harbors more bacteria than any other room in the home. This bacteria can lead to illness and other health problems. Keeping a kitchen clean is easier if certain style choices are made. Here are three tips for creating an easy to clean kitchen.


Countertops are a breeding zone for bacteria. They are often cleaned with kitchen sponges, which can actually spread bacteria around instead of removing it. Certain types of countertops that are porous or that have grout lines can also attract bacteria. When it comes to bacteria, choice of countertop material is very important. Smooth countertops are easier to clean and can help homeowners reduce the amount of bacteria in the kitchen. Also certain materials, such as quartz and laminate, are actually bacteria resistant.

Cabinet Doors

Cabinets are another part of the kitchen that can be a hassle to clean. Cabinet faces with a lot of ornamentation can be hard to clean due to all of the grooves in the wood. Flat, glossy cabinet doors are a better choice for those who want to spend less time cleaning cabinets. Just replacing or refacing the cabinets with a smoother surface can make a big difference. The average cost to reface kitchen cabinets is around $6,688. While this may be pricey, it is cheaper than replacing the cabinets altogether. It's also a great style choice for those who want an easy to clean kitchen.

Cooktops And Range Hoods

Much of the mess created in the kitchen is from cooking. Choosing the right cooktop and range hood can make a big difference in how clean a kitchen is. Electric cooktops with flat ranges are much easier to clean than gas burners. Switching over to this type of cooktop can make cleaning the kitchen a much easier process. Also having a range hood that works well and is efficient can also make a big difference in how much grease builds up. A great range hood will automatically keep the space near the cooktop cleaner.

Keeping the kitchen spotless is a struggle for many homeowners. However, there are some style choices that can make this easier. Flat countertops, cabinet faces, and cooktops are much easier to clean. Also an efficient range hood can also go a long way toward keeping the area clean.

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