Areas Not To Forget When Childproofing Your Infant's Room

When building and furnishing a room for your infant, it's important to not only make the room stimulating to their little eyes, but also as safe as can be. But other than putting plugs in the light switches and making sure every piece of furniture has rounded corners, what else is there to do to keep your little one safe? If you're looking to baby-proof your child's room as much as possible, then here are a few areas you won't want to forget about.

Don't Be Blind

A window with a view is a great idea – but be careful of the blinds that cover that window. Vinyl blinds in particular can be dangerous; not only are the edges sharp, but the pull cord can be a strangulation hazard, especially if your baby's crib or dresser (or anything they can climb up on) is below it. Consider pull-touch blinds, which can be raised or lowered just by grabbing the bottom of the blinds and pulling in the desired direction. Not only are they cool enough to fascinate a kid (or, let's face it, an adult) by pulling them up and down repeatedly, but they also negate the need for a pull cord, making them the much safer choice overall.

Wall-To-Wall Action

Hanging pictures, paintings, and quotes on your baby's wall is a good idea to provide stimulation and to pull the room together – but watch where you're hanging them. Hanging pictures, especially those with heavy frames, above your baby's crib or changing table can be extremely dangerous, as they could fall down and hurt your child. To avoid this, space out any pictures to different locations – it may not look as balanced from a design standpoint, but it will be a lot safer for your little one. Contact a company like EXACTAC to learn more.

Padding, Padding Everywhere

Depending on how old your baby is, it might seem like them being mobile on their own – walking, crawling, etc. – is far off; however, you should make sure there's a lot of padding everywhere before they start moving, rather than after a fall or two. Consider putting more carpet or a thicker rug by any areas they could fall off, like next to their crib/bed, their changing table, or by a dresser they may be tempted to climb. The one place to avoid padding (until they're a toddler, at least) is in their bed – plush toys and fluffy blankets are suffocation risks when your baby is young, so leave them for when they're walking and talking.

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