How To Get Water Out Of Wood Flooring

If you have hardwood floors in your basement that recently got soaked during a rainstorm due to flooding or are dealing with the fact that your child spilled a lot of water on the floors in your living room and it has already been absorbed, you are going to need to make sure that you remove the water from the wood as soon as possible in order to decrease the chances that the floor will stain. Here are some tips on getting water out of wooden floors.

1. Remove Any Wet Fabrics

If there is carpet over the wood or a wet rug, be sure that you remove it as soon as possible and put it in another location, preferably outside, to dry. This will allow you to remove the water without that fabric getting in the way.

2. Rent a Wet Vacuum

Go to your local hardwood store and rent a wet vacuum. This is a tool that is used for essentially sucking up moisture, rather than sucking up dust and dirt. The best way to use a wet vacuum is to empty it frequently. This will keep the suction power as strong as possible and allow you to avoid accidentally having the water come back out and onto your hardwood floors that you just spent time cleaning. Vacuum wooden floors for at least fifteen minutes after you no longer see any standing water. This will allow you to pull water out of the floor that you might not necessarily be able to see. This will help your wooden floors dry out faster and decrease the chances that the water will permanently damage them.

3. Scrub Your Floors

Use a hardwood floor cleaning product that does not produce suds to scrub your floor down and remove any dirt, dust, or other debris. The reason that you want to remove these particulates is to avoid having them retain water that will eventually seep into your hardwood floors. You want to get rid of anything that could transfer moisture back to your floors.

4. Use a Dehumidifier

Finally, put a dehumidifier in any room that has wooden floors that have been water damaged and turn it on its highest setting. Leave it there for a few days. This will further suck the water out of hardwood floors and allow you to decrease the chances that your floor will be permanently damaged.

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