Follow These Tips To Design A Beautiful, Cohesive Gallery Wall To Add Striking Visual Appeal To Any Interior Space

A gallery wall is a great way to add color and interest to an otherwise bare wall, but it requires careful planning and some restraint in purchasing prints and frames. You want to make sure everything you purchase will fit on your gallery wall without creating unnecessary empty space or crowding frames together, so diagramming your wall as you shop for prints is important. It's also important to make sure that your prints flow together well and share the same general art style and that all of your frames match; frames that differ wildly in color or style will create a jarring appearance, detracting from the beauty of the gallery wall. Here's how to make sure your gallery wall looks professional.

Choose One Piece To Anchor Your Gallery Wall

Gallery walls work best when they're designed to complement a single large piece of art that immediately attracts the viewer's visual attention. It's easiest to begin by picking out an art piece that you absolutely love and building the rest of the gallery wall around it. It may be a framed piece you already own or it may just be something that catches your eye at a craft store or art gallery.

Draw A Diagram Beforehand To Perfect The Layout

One of the hardest parts of designing a gallery wall is the layout. Measure your wall to find its dimensions and then measure your chosen centerpiece. Create a diagram of your gallery wall with a pencil and paper while you are shopping for frames and prints; don't commit to a purchase unless you've found a suitable spot on the wall for the size of the print. Nothing is worse than purchasing a wall-framed print and struggling to fit it into a gallery wall. If your desired style of gallery wall is one where there are no gaps between frames, diagramming the wall and taking precise measurements before purchasing any prints becomes even more important, as small differences in size can create unwanted gaps between your picture frames.

Keep Frame Colors And Art Styles Similar

Once you have your central piece chosen, make sure that none of the other pieces clash with it. To this end, you need to consider both the art style of the framed pieces and the color and style of the frames themselves. Don't mix different styles of art; if your centerpiece is modern and minimalist, the rest of the art in your gallery wall should follow the same style. In general, it's easier to work with lighter and less complex styles rather than more complex ones. For example, if your centerpiece is Impressionist, you can have modern art surrounding it and even potentially have drawings from your children mixed in. If your centerpiece is Baroque, anything less complex than its style will be jarring, forcing your gallery wall to be made primarily of Baroque and Rococo reproductions.

The frames should be color-coordinated and match the style of art displayed; lighter, modern frames in pastel colors go well in a modern-styled gallery wall, whereas thick wooden frames are more suited for a classical gallery wall. It's easier to purchase the prints you need first and then find picture frames for sale to match them.

With some patience planning the gallery wall and shopping for prints and frames, it's easy to create a gallery wall that looks professionally designed. Keep in mind that the most important factor in creating a gallery wall is cohesion; you need cohesion between art style, frame design and color and it also needs to blend into the current interior design of the room. A well-crafted gallery wall is a visually striking addition to any room and is well worth the effort.

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A gallery wall is a great way to add color and interest to an otherwise bare wall, but it requires careful planning and some restraint in purchasing p